Tuesday, December 29, 2009
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My Tittle is a FAIIIL, i know.

Anina Ucatis =  TSUNADE *now dont drool ero-sennin*

I have some question for Anina Ucatis.Has she ever watched Naruto?,Does she know who Tsunade, the big-boobed 5th Hokage, is? and Is She somehow related to Tsunade-sama?.

Anina Ucatis and Tsunade-sama has one pairr, uhhm, I mean one "big" similarity. And if you know both of them, It`ll probably be obvious what it is.

And why do I get pissed whenever mom watches PBB: Double up.
I watch this thing during previous years, but this season just piss me and it really sucks. One of the things that annoy me is the cheesy and kinda crappy MELASON loveteam. I go "WTH" everytime I see them together.

And oh, oh, I bumped into something while looking for Tsunade`s photos. We got some sense Beaten into us by Naruto Club Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, December 27, 2009
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Kakashi as Hokage, babeh!
I`ll kill myself if you dont make Kakashi Hokage naooooo~

Well, I wont really throw my life for a fictional character, but you see my point?
The time that I learned that Danzou was the 6th hokage I went WTF! But that wasn`t actually the reason why I`m acting all weird (Ive been reading manga aloud, which I haven`t done before) since the 6th Hokage has been choosen.
It`s beacuse of this.

Kakashi had a chance but failed! If he wasnt nominated I wont really feel this bad.
But something came right in time When I was about to blow my head of.I was continuing my manga marathon when I saw these:


These shows signs that Kakashi can still be Hokage and these tells me not to freak out.
In this case my dreams are coming true.
I cant wait for next chapters

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
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I`m getting back on Naruto anime
After months of abandoning it, because of the fucking spoilers which pisses me of. Today I decided to watch Naruto anime again, and it was not a bad idea at all.
I just happen to watch 3 episodes of Naruto.

I just wanted to see how Sasuke killed Orochimaru, cause on the manga I didn`t feel anything. The "blast" and the excitement was not there.It looked like a gloomy piece of paper with fighting scenes drawn in it. No slashing swords sounds, blood splatter, No Orochimaru screams and you cant feel the "pain". And one more thing that got me interested to watch episode 113 is I probably want to see the "true form" of orochiamru colored.It turned out to be that episode was the start of "Sasuke kills Orochiamru part." So i didn`t see orocimaru die there, but I already had what I wanted.

So I decided to skip some episodes cause Ive read it in the manga. Now I suddenly became curious how kakakshi got his Sharingan, which has been a big question to me, ever since i started Naruto. i decided to watch Kakashi Gaiden~ hoping that the answer was there. I did found out what I wanted too, But I got more than what I want. If that special lasted for more minutes i would have been mutated to a crybaby.

After this episode I found out that Obito made "the Kakashi-sensei that Ive always praised" great. I Learned that without Obito-san Kakashi would be such an joy-killing brat, who always talks about rules and laws.

Monday, December 21, 2009
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Gimme some sleep.
This past days I`ve noticed that I sleep at about 12-2 midnight. Then I`ll end up waking up early.The reason why I get out of the bed even though I need more sleep is because eventually, I cant stand the taste of my own breath anymore. But I`ll spend most of my time lying around and still sleeping. Even though how much I try to get "some sleep" noise everywhere keeps me from doing it.

Last-last night, I slept at 2am because I drowned myself with "diary of a wimpy kid."
Last night I slept at 12 midnight because of noisy, disturbing, irritating party goers and the loud sound of the sound system.

Now that Ive received my material wish for Christmas which is a phone. Yes, after months of doggie eyes, begging for that thing. I now want the non-material thing: MORE SLEEP.

Friday, December 18, 2009
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Christmas Party
I just came home from our Christmas Party.
A very heartfelt experience. Probably the best Christmas party in my entire elementary life.

It started with a mass, then the program started.
As usual with every program, it started with smiles.
But then our Christmas party was also our Teachers day.So After students gave their sweet messages to their teachers, tears started to drop off the eyes of many people.

So after the gratitude-giving part, they made us go to our rooms to have lunch.[==___==] 

And then after that They made us go to venue to welcome and take pictures with a special guest.After we learned that the special guest was HAMBURGLAR We decided to go back to our room and do the exchange gifts.

'Coz we`re sixth graders, do you expect us to get exited when Hamburglar comes out.? If He`s head was a real burger maybe we could get exited, maybe.

After the exchange gifts, we returned to the venue of the event. Humburglar was not there anymore.And so the contest begun *drumrolls* We patiently waited for our turn to perform.There comes our turn and we performed.

Now for the awardings: We won for BEST STRUCTURED ROOM, yoh babeh.We expected to win the Belen and the x-mas tree but sad t say we didn`t *sniffs*
We thought we lost the Cristmas carols, but we actually won second place.Yapeee, the judge liked our "undescribed" voices.

Christmas party means: Farewell school, Farewell studies, Farewell ........ see you next year.

Even though my classmates are a bunch of dorks, I`ll miss you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
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My classmates are a bunch of morons.
I dont get why I have to be in classroom with morons, assholes, bitches, and jerks I call clasmates.

I`m a person who brings sunshine on our class. Even though, I have a big difference with them. I was always ready to give a hand to those with problems. But I just realized that when I`m the one in melancholia, they will not do what I`ve done back.Even those morons who already knew to themselves that they were responsible for making me cry didn`t have conscience.And others didn`t even care.

They all know I have a great sense of humor. But what they dont know is the difference between a joke and an insult.

Enough with those morons, My biggest problem are the bitches.
Holy Macarony, I can stand the morons but I cant stand bitches.
They are not just ordinary bitches they are high pride-hypocrites.
And two of them jut wants to pick up a fight, good thing I know it`s a waste of time to even show care to them.

*sighs* I wish they just jump of a cliff.

Saturday, December 12, 2009
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BOF rewind: FCK NO!
Abs-cbn declared that they will again air Boys Over Flowers>Upon hearing this I suddenly gave out a frown.If this continues my world would be in disaster.

A BOF rewind means aggony to me.Of course, my BOF over obsessed classmates will be all on it again.They will again talk much about Guem Jan Di, Goo Joon Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo, Song Wo BInd and of course, So Yi Jung.

Those bunheads will corrupt my classmates minds again.Seriously, all they did was look good in front of the camera.

Jun Pyo All he did is make his curly hair look good in oublic.I hate his retarded hair, He looks like Ronal Mcdanalds.
Ji Hoo He doesnt looks nice al all.Probably, the ugliest of them.
Yi Jung He looks good but man, He sucks.He looks like a girl. A gay womanizer.
Wo BinSame with Yi jung, minus the girly factor.

I actually dont uber hate the show itself.I just effin hate the fangirls.I was a fan of Krean novelas and had watvhed Meteor Garden when I was young. But BOF just makes my nin-tailed powers tingle.I wanna strike those bunheads, like they were pinballs.So it`s definately: FCK NO to a BOF rewind. *groans*

Sunday, December 6, 2009
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PERVERT, meeeeh

I know what you mean.Youre gonna dive to Sasuke and Pwn him?.right?.
Even an 11 year old pervert like me,who haven`t started watching yaoi anime can read your mind. PERVERT!

Saturday, December 5, 2009
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2012 was epic.

Thanks God this movie showed up.
I was already planning to watch New moon,
But this showed up, I thought it was a better idea to just watch 2012 instead of watching vampires pwning themselves.
If I watched New moon, I would be one of those people regreting that they watched it.

I`ve noticed that,
Gorgon (or was that gordon) looks like Fredie roach.

The Moment we stop fighting for ourselves, Thats the moment we will use our humanity

Ok?, so would the end of the world be that epic?