Thursday, August 18, 2011
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Flag, Leaf, Sun and Cross

August 18, 2011 I arrived at school and as usual I was late. Our adviser was there in the classroom, I greeted, said sorry for being late and entered. I rushed to my seat and asked my seatmate what to do, she said: “Cut 8 ½ sheets of paper. Draw 2 flags, 2 suns, 2 leaves and 2 crosses” I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do with those but I did what she said anyway. We we’re having RHGP so yeah, you don’t really know what you’re supposed to do until the teacher gives the instructions.

And then she did – Our adviser started giving out instructions. “On the back of the papers with the suns write names of people that make you smile or make you happy. One person per paper, so you only have to choose two persons. On the papers with the flags write names of the people you admire, idolize or those who inspire you. On the papers with leaves, the names of those who make you strong and for the papers with crosses write names of those with personalities you just can’t stand. You may only choose from your classmates. State a reason and write you name on the bottom part. Be fair! Everyone should write their name” Forgive me for explaining what she said in the worst possible way.

Writing the names and reasons for the paper with flags, suns and leaves we’re easy --- but I had a hard time choosing whose name I should write on the papers with crosses (because 2 papers were not enough). I ended up choosing two flirts and yes the reason was: you’re a flirt, I hate flirts. I followed orders and I didn’t write anonymously.

Then we were asked to prepare a box (one box for each student). Origami masters from the class showed us how to make those boxes from scratch paper and I couldn’t follow so thank God my seatmate can. We wrote our names on the boxes as our adviser instructed. Then she said fold the papers (papers with suns, flags etc) so we did!

We were then grouped. The first group was first to drop their papers on the boxes of those whom they intend to give the papers to (of course). I was on the second group! After everyone finished in dropping the papers, we were allowed to read them, finally!

I searched for a paper w/ a cross on my box – there was one! There was something written like: “medyo hindi kasi tayo nagkakaintindihan” it was from a girl named Arriana. I was like: “Whaaat? We get along just fine”. I checked the name written on the upper part – it was my seatmate’s name. I gave it to her because Arriana had unintentionally dropped it on my box instead of my seatmate’s.

I checked the papers again - no Crosses at all! =)) I proceeded in reading them, here’s what I got:

(Classmate’s name will be in bold. Comments will be italicized and I'll include my thoughts. This is exactly what they wrote on the papers. Sorry, scanner is not working with me again )

Fr. AlphaKasi lagi niyang alam ang ginagawa niya at magaling siyang leader. (Aww. She’s in my group for English and Filipino and I really am thankful because she appreciates my efforts)

Fr. PauleenMatalino po siya… kahit lagging online sa facebook nakakapagaral pa din siya. (The FB part was funny, Thank you, Poleng)

Fr. Paulkasi po ang talino niya na po, maganda pa at mapayat na siya ngayon. (Napa-ROFLMAO talaga ako sa message na ito, nakaka flatter)

Fr. Sharmaine – ang talino po kasi niya at marami siyang kaibigan. (Salamat!)

Fr.JirehEven though asthmatic siya, nakakapagaral siya ng maayos at mabuti. Nakakaabot pa siya sa top 10 (Hindi naman nakakaapekto sa pag-aaral ang asthma, PE ko nga lang - lagapak. Salamat!)

Fr. AldrinMagaling at Matalino siya. (Actually, hinihika parin ako kanina, hindi pa ako magaling. Loljk. Pasensya nakalimutan kitang bigyan ng papel, limited kasi. Unlimited na pasasalamat, pogi!)

Fr. JearicaHinahangaan ko siya dahil sa sipag niyang mag-aral. Pag nakikita ko siyang nagrereview, nagaganahan rin akong mag-review at mag-aral mabuti. (Ang natatanging rason kung bakit ako nagrereview ng lessons sa school ay dahil either hindi ako nagreview sa bahay o hindi ako magrereview sa bahay dahil magkokompyuter ako, yung lang at Salamat!)

Fr. Pompeiunagging inspirasyon kop o siya dahil gusto ko pong maging katulad niyang matalino =) (Salamat! Ang ganda ng pagkakadrawing nung flag sa papel ko, btw. A+ for Effort!)

Fr. JairahKasi po ang bait bait niya (Salamat. Magbati na kayo ni Aldrin pls.)

Fr Jazzel kasi matalino siya at mahilig mag-facebook. Napagsasabay niya ang pag-aaral at pagiging Kewl . (Mommy naman, kanino pa ba ako magmamana ng pagiging Kewl edi sayo. Salamat!)

Fr. Kenneth – dahil siya lang ang pinakamabuti sa amin nila jerico, aldrin, Vincent at sa iba pang mga boys sa 2-A na hindi namin nararamdaman sa ibang girls. (Thank you, jujumon. Kung first year palang sana tayo, malamang na bigyan kita ng cross, pero mabait kadin pala! Sana nga lang di niyo ako i-take for granted)

Fr. EllenKahit nangiinis siya at palagi niya akong pinapagalitan dahil lagi akong pacute. Natutuwa ako na sinasabi niya sakin kung anung napapansin niya, kahit di ko napapansin toh sa sarili ko. (Pacute ka hanggang sa sulat mong ito! Sana huwag kang mainis dahil lagi kitang sinisita. Salamat!)


Fr. JazzelAng saya mo kasi lagi kasama! Tas sobrang cute mo at humble at sincere ka (Salamat Mommy! Salamat din sa pakikinig sa walang sawa kong kwento mga crush kong walang hangganan ang bilang! Ilabshu)

I shall write thank you messages. I love you 2-A!

I'm also quite glad that the two girls whom I gave my papers w/ crosses took it positively and didn't get mad - or at least i think.

Our teacher said we should pass this messages to her for reasons I don’t know – but I won’t give the papers to her even if costs my RHGP grade – unless of course she promise to give it back after 1st grading period.

Saturday, August 13, 2011
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It has been a while
Just keeping you updated. (although, I know you don't need to)

Time pass by really fast. It's been three months since the school year started. Well, as usual, I'm busy with tons of homeworks, projects and quizzes but I'm glad that I'm doing a pretty good work with handling all this school matters. August is Buwan ng Wika and we have numerous activities to prepare for but our professors still insist in giving us quizzes and homeworks.Don't you think this is torture? It feels like it.

Sophomore year = harder subjects and much more hectic schedule. If this is bad then I can't imagine what's worse and worst. So far, I think I still have to do better in Physics, Bio and of course, Algebra. & I want to do better in P.E, better in remembering to bring my P.E uniform. But something still haven't changed -- like my interest in Arts class, still going down and down and down.

Enough with that! I need to remember that positive thinking will result to a happier life.
I will post personal thoughts next time.