Sunday, July 24, 2011
Posted by: Roela
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Potterhead in the making
We haven't had classes since Wednesday so apart from doing my project in Filipino; I’ve been reading the Harry Potter series. I’m still currently reading book 3 but so far I think this book series is magnificent. I started reading the series when the last movie came out, that was a mistake. I should have picked this up years ago! From the girl who knows nothing about Harry Potter – except how to pronounce his name in British accent – to this girl who’s slowly becoming a Potterhead. I have caught myself using "muggle" a few times.

Yeah. I have this addiction with adventure books. & I like dreaming about adventures I’ll probably never have. Harry Potter? No. Draco Malfoy? No. Ron Weasley? Yes! I find Weasley cute so shut up Malfoy. *hides from Draco's fangirls*

Friday, July 8, 2011
Posted by: Roela
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Sophomore year, so far.
Well, it has been eventful -- that's the best adjective I can give right now. I'm not sure if can still handle Chem, Bio, Physics and Geometry. But I'll do my best -- I'll try.

I've been getting along just fine with my classmates but yeah, I still hate a lot of them. I'm fine with the transferee; he's a funny dude though, most of the time his jokes are lame. I chatted with him last night, he opened up and said he trusts me. At first I was like -- "dude, you've known me for like 3 weeks and you already trusted me with this infos" but on second thought, I trust you is a good compliment.

Still, I can't get along with the freshmen this year. They think too much of their worth. Based on my observations, their bitch count is three times higher than ours. & yeah, I've made an enemy there. HAHAHA. I'm not really a war freak and as much as possible I don't want to ever be involved in fights but she's just too much. I don't like girls like her.