Saturday, September 25, 2010
Posted by: Roela
Time: 1:16 AM
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Yes, my Lord.
Finally finished watching Kuroshitsuji season 2. This is one of the greatest anime ever created. But I prefer the first season's ending it was more heartfelt. The words from Kuroshitsuji 1 are still carved into my mind, my heart, my soul. I cried the whole time as I watching season 1's ending.

I never really thought Ciel would end up to be one hell of a demon. I must say I love it when he's demon eyes sparkle. (eeer, is that what you call it?). He's such a lucky bastard, He'll have a hot butler for eternity.

Clap your hands for Alois. He did something good before he died. I can't bring myself to hate that yandere.

I felt pitty for Sebby. He have served Ciel loyally and he gets nothing - no, he's gets a curse. Poor, sebby.

Was Grell able to take 8 hot shots? I love this gay shinigami to death. I miss the scissors, Grell-san.

I want a 3rd season. I want to watch Ciel make contracts with humans. He will grow up to be a hotter demon than Sebby. Or perhaps the hottest demon Evaaaaaaaar~.

I'm still dazzled by this wonderful anime, I can't put myself to sleep.

It's 1:15 am. This bitch needs sleep.

This anime is a must watch, I swear.