Thursday, March 24, 2011
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Sy: 10-11 now signing off
So how was SY 10-11 for me? It has been the one of the best school years ever.
I made new friends and new enemies. I met new terror teachers, lousy teachers and good teachers.I can proudly say that I learned a lot.

In SY 10-11,

I learned to play musical instruments.I still can't believe I managed to get music too agree with me. I would continue to practice and practice and practice. I would not give up for my guitar and for my violin.To my music teacher, i owe this ability to you but would you mind teaching us new songs next year.

I got my first 75 on P.E. It was never my thing. I'd rather kick buts on video games all day.Seriously, just give me biking lesons instead. I really want to learn how to bike.

I had a lousy art teacher. I also started to get interested in photography. I'm just not good and I'm never gonna get my father or my mother to buy me a DSLR.

I developed a new hobby. Reading and reading and reading. I just fell inlove with adventure genre books.My classmates actually developed this hobby too, they started reading pocket books (those romance books like Stalion and Precious Hearts Romances) around the start of second semester. This is all I have to say about those books: If it was cheese it'd be rotting.No offense to those who read those kinds of books too, I just think they're too young for it.

I learned when to keep my mouth shut. And I think it's great for a bad ass speaker like me. Apparently, keeping your mouth shut will get you out of trouble and fights.
But still, Thank God people could not hear my thoughts.

Most important thing I gained, A LIFE. Yes, this school year thaught me how to get a life.

Sunday, March 20, 2011
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I'm bored
So I doodled on my face ..

Friday, March 11, 2011
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Ships crash into cities in Japan tsunami devastation

By Frank Zeller
Agence France-Presse
First Posted 18:25:00 03/11/2011

TOKYO - Belly-up ships, twisted cars and debris from shattered buildings on Friday crashed through the streets of Japanese port towns that were turned into black rivers by a monster tsunami.

A muddy river filled with rubble -- some of it on fire and belching smoke -- raced across rice fields and through towns, aerial television footage showed in one of the worst-hit areas, Miyagi prefecture.

A schoolboy was swept away there by the deadly waters and there were grave fears the toll would keep climbing sharply from the more than two dozen reported dead as a cold night settled over Japan.

The huge wall of sea water unleashed by Japan's worst quake on record hit the Pacific coast of Honshu island, sweeping away whole houses and turning harbour areas into scenes of utter devastation.

The masses of water overwhelmed coastal defences and swallowed up many square kilometers (square miles) of land in the region in scenes reminiscent of the devastation triggered by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

"I've never seen anything like this," said Ken Hoshi, a local government official in Ishinomaki, a port city in Miyagi prefecture.

"The water came as far as to the train station," hundreds of meters (yards) away from the coast, the 41-year-old official said as his city turned into a flood zone.

"I'm worried because I can't contact my family. But because it's my duty, I'm braced to spend the night here," he said from his fourth-floor office.

In nearby farming areas, the flood swept away houses like toys and devoured dusty fields still barren in early spring, before the deadly tide was stopped inland by the embankments of raised highways.

In far-northern Aomori, at least five ocean-going ships, some flipped belly-up to expose their red hulls, raced inland over shattered sea defences, rows of trees and harborside shopping streets.

In Ibaraki large houses were seen floating through the town, and elsewhere dozens of cars bobbed in the waters like corks.

The quake that triggered the tsunami tore cracks into roads, pushed manhole covers and their attached pipes out of the ground like small towers and dumped the contents of supermarket shelves on the ground.

Completing the apocalyptic scenes, elsewhere in Japan scores of fires broke out as gas mains were severed. An oil refinery was ablaze in Chiba prefecture outside Tokyo, belching acrid smoke into the skies.

As aftershocks kept rocking the country, the army deployed troops to help those in need, a rescue effort that became more complex as darkness fell.

The current events makes me think that the Mayan prophecy is actually true. But only God knows. Please pray for the people in Japan, that they may not suffer from any more aftershocks. Pray for the Philippines, for our dear countrymen, that may be away from harm. Pray for Asia!

Saturday, March 5, 2011
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Hello, March
So yeah, March is finally here. In a couple of days I’ll leave the gates of Tartarus we call school and say goodbye to home works, quizzes, seat works and group works every day. I’ll also be turning 13 on the 30th so better mark your calendars or just let facebook remind you of this event. I’ll take you to Lorien!

Goals for March:
• Get a perfect score on at least one subject for your 4th Periodicals Exams.
• Get into the top five list so you can climb the stage on recognition (Yes, apparently only the top five of the class is given a chance to step on the stage to be give an award)
• Greet your fourth-grade crush on his birthday
• Greet battery on the 21st

Prep up for 13th year on Earth resolution:
• Let your crush feel that you like him
• Start losing weight
• Start being more poised (Well, bleh try to embrace your girly side)
• Start looking for a replacement for iRonman
• More books.(and manga) Nyehehe
• More anime