Saturday, June 26, 2010
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I give a damn to school right now.

So my first two weeks at school were made of good crap and bad crap. But yeah, my point is School is crap. Education has always been the key to success, but algebra and history makes you want to quit. Yes, we need education, but we do not need algebra. Who agrees? Does anyone disagree?

I was hoping and wanting for Gen. Math and Gen. Science, so I won’t hurt my malfunctioning brain at the start of the school year. But there’s no Gen. Math and Gen. Science, its Elementary algebra and integrated science. I don’t know why my classmates are complaining ‘because we always have assignments on math. They seriously don’t know the feeling of solving math problems everyday on school. I experienced that when I was still a retarded grade 6 pupil, and that’s the reason why my brain is fucked up. I think it’s better to solve at home than at school.

But I do think I have the right to complain to this matter. How am I suppose to role play a scientist at work? I have never experienced a role play on SCIENCE, because there is no such thing as role plays on SCIENCE. What should I do? Stand up and act smart in front of my classmates. Role play is a group work, not individual. Please try to do it yourself first before making us do it.

I love music class. I have always loved music, but music doesn’t love me back. Our teacher asked us to choose between: guitar or banduria. I choose guitar because I seriously want to learn how to play it. So in a matter of months, I’ll be hitting “persons I should not name” with Second-hand serenade songs.

Isasampal ko sa mga mukha niyo ang lyrics.

I now have friends at school; they’re typically the persons I want to be friends with. Open minded. And I’m glad to know that there are anime lovers like me too. There’s this girl who has an L wallet and her hair is fixed like Misa Amane’s.

And I was like: You watch death note?
And she was like: You know death note?
Roela: Yeah. I finished the series last summer of 2009. I love how your hair is fixed.
CM: ‘Cause I’m an anime lover.
Roela: I’m an anime lover too. *high fives*
CM: *high fives back*

Roela : You know Code Geass?

Cm: yeah.

I just hope she isn’t a dumb fangirl.

I should stop my mouth or my fingers in my case from making more rants and giving more fucks.

Monday, June 14, 2010
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Screw you, dear.
This post wasn't made to piss someone off.
This was made to shake my anger off.

You ruined my last the day of vacation,by your pointless rants. Is it really evil to bite someone to death,even though I literally don't mean it. Is it evil to change your friggin TUMBLR URL. Pls. say I'm sorry to dear Hibari.

Am I making no sense too?
Then I'm stopping this.

&&PS. I know G-words.

Monday, June 7, 2010
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M-M-M-Math = H-H-H-Headache

Click the image to see a bigger one.

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Highway to Hell
Are you ready for school?. I'm not
Are you excited? Am not.
Anxious?. Yes

June 15. Start of a new school year. I'll be quite inactive starting that day. But if I can, I'll post weekly blogpost. My mom says she'll only allow me to use the Pc during weekends. She even told me she'll capture my phone. IDK, I think she's getting paranoid. She tells me to study really well, 'cause if I get low grades I'll get kicked out. I can handle this, Ok?. I wouldn't enter my stupid ass to a Laboratory HighSchool if it's really that stupid. I'm not stupid, ok? I think I'll post my schedule later or maybe tomorrow.

Hades, don't bring hell to my new school this time. Blast him off daddy Zeus.