Thursday, April 28, 2011
Posted by: Roela
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Holy Alarms

Someone just animated my summer mornings. Owo. I really hate alarms and their habit of ruining my dreams. Posted this because I liked the graphics and it amused me. Amuse yerslefs~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
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life, I want you back.
New layout! Too much durarara!! but I like it that way. I just learned Complication by Rookiez is punk'd. Though I can only sing the part used on Durarara!!'s 2nd OP, I'm still proud of it.

My summer has been quite productive, but still boring. I've conquered a few books, anime and songs and I am to conquer my weight next. Someone please give me a memorable summer. Enjoy yours, guisse


Thursday, April 14, 2011
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Pissed off and Ready to Kill
I need to warn you first - bad words ahead of you.

The girls on my class are totally talented. They can piss me off wherever, whenever,intentionally or not . I really hate it when people share too much unnecessary information specially when they it share it on completely wrong pages where no one actually gives damn. Typing crap that doesn't make any sense annoys me to death because I end up being like: "What was that? Oh I know, I just wasted a few seconds on reading crap. I should have known anything that comes from you is bullshit".

I really want to shower my girl classmates with some sense right now. I don't like 3/4 of my girl classmates and I'm actually hoping for half of them to transfer next school year. I know, I'm rude. But try to be in my place. They are seriously annoying.

Omy. I actually gave a fuck just now.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
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Hello thar, guys? So how's summer? Probably most of you are enjoying in the beaches/resorts, unlike me who's sitting here in front of the computer and will probably stay here all day. While you enjoy your lives, I'm here drowning myself on anime as I watch my life being taken away by bishies.

Seriously, I want to make summer 2011 productive, while at the same time I still enjoy anime. You get what I mean? I want to have summer job, but since I’m far from civilization and I lack (and easily lose) interest in a lot of stuffs that are needed on summer jobs , I won’t probably find one.

I actually have goals for summer: Lose weight, learn more songs on the violin and guitar, learn to draw decent anime bodies and learn how to bike (which I predict will fail). I really don’t care about cell phone load this summer since no one will miss me and I won’t miss anyone.

And oh – Trust me with this; don’t get a love life during summer. It’s like bringing sand to the beach – who does that?

Enjoy your summer!