Sunday, May 30, 2010
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Bad penmanship

I have bad penmanship. It actually depends on the pen I'm using.My penmasnhip changes if I use HBW or stabilo. I used Pilot to write my name and G-tec to write my signature in the pic. I need to practice my cursive writing, seriously.

Friday, May 21, 2010
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So, What's up.
I came out on the street yesterday, I was surprised. There weren't any political fliers, sticked on the walls. I can watch TV without getting pissed by Manny Villar's face now. Life is different without political Ads on TV.

So, School days are fast approaching, I don't really know if I should get excited or anxious. I will be attending a Laboratory Highschool. I just wish for one thing: Please don't make it feel like hell. I don't want to feel that again, the feeling that I enter hell, every time I enter the school gates.

I swore I'll learn to ride a bike this summer, right?.

I haven't practice even once. I was drowning myself with too much Percy, Tumblr, Facebook, Shounen and Shoujo these days.



Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Posted by: Roela
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Blog quiz
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This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
death (9x)
piss (5x)
dead (2x)
ass (1x)

Rated 17. WTF?. This blog is written by a 12 year old kid.

Saturday, May 8, 2010
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London Bridge is falling down
I would like to apologize for the lame tittle.

I seriously don't know how to start this. My family would have laughed at me, when I was watching the last episode of Kuroshitsuji. I was crying the whole time..I knew the fact that Ciel would die, Sebastian will take his soul. I was suppose to watch this last night,but I decided to watch it today, that was a good decision. I couldn't have slept last night if I did. Bakit ba kasi ngayun ko lang pinanuod toh.

Why do arrogant aristocrats appeal me.
And this time, even the butler?. =w=

Sebby-kun. I heart joo. You have served Ciel loyally until the end. But why do you have to take his soul?. Ugh, Part of the contract,right?., i just didn't like it when they didn't show your true form. I swear I'll bite anyone who tries to imitate your: Yes, My lord. You are just a hell of a butler.

And I don't get it. Angels aren't suppose to show their breast to Demons.
And the Library of the Death Gods, didn't look like a library of death gods.
Gay death god is gay. I love death scythe of Greil-san, the scissors.

I think I'll die if ABS-CBN, Tv5 or GMA dubbed this anime, that would be doomsday. That would ruin Sebastian and his: Yes, My lord. The perfect diction would be replaced into: Tambay voice.

Do I sound like a dumb fangirl now?.
I need to stop.

London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London bridge is falling down, my fair lady.

Sunday, May 2, 2010
Posted by: Roela
Time: 12:38 PM
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1. Give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy:

  1. Anime.  My favorite pastime. My day isn't complete if I don' t watch one. 
  2. Music. It gives me comfort. 
  3. Food. Yuuum~
  4. Friends (online and real life).  Makes me laugh~. 
  5. Family
  6. internet
  7. Sleep. 
  8. Vacation. Saturdays and Sundays are the best!
  9. Peace. 
  10. Chibi Coins. It supports my virtual life on Selfy town. XD 

    2. Give a top 5 list of trivia about yourself.

    1.I don't like coffee . My mom didn't allow me drink coffee when I was young, But I grew with it. My first sip of coffee wasn't good at all, it was bitter. I'm think I'm never gonna like it, yeah it's good and healthy, I just don't like it's taste. BOO MEH
    2.I'm asthmatic.. And Yes I get easily tired. That's why I hate physical education. And because I cant get a decent exercise, I'm getting fat. BOO MEH, again.
    3.I hate bitches but sometimes I act like one. I hate myself for being like that. I broke my oath to lady Artemis, I lost my immortality. Another BOO for me.
    4.I love Greek myths Thank you Perry Johanson, uhhm, I mean Percy Jackson. Thanks!
    5. >I don't know how to ride a bike. Seriously, I dont.

    3. Share the award with only 5 persons and ask them to do the same thing.

    • Arriane
    • Bethany
    • Patricia
    • MavicCHII4.

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