Saturday, October 16, 2010
Posted by: Roela
Time: 6:28 PM
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'Cause I'm trying to have a life here.
I finally found time to write a blogpost and give everyone who reads this blog an update. Although, I think I don't have readers anymore. (since when did you get readers, you dumb fuck. *facepalms*// I was talking to myself. )

Highschool life is, one word: HECTIC. I see myself doing homeworks every day, cramming for exams, yawning on class and getting low grades. But I've predicted this from the very start. I got a really low grade on science. (Which is really bad since I'm in a friggin' science curiculum) I seriously wanted to rip my card off. But , better luck next time. There's still second semester.

Second Semester Resolutions:
('Cause I think It's time)

1.) Study hard.  Which I didn't do during the first semester. I need a higher grade on science and Math. I'll aim for straight line of 9s. Mark my word, I'll take revenge *evil laugh*.

2.) Do not get too close to boys.  Although, it's my nature to be close to them. I've been a little too kind to them, I admit. And I think I've been distant to my first guy friend on school, I think I'm being unfair. And I can't stand seeing them doing perverted stuffs to each other anymore. 

And while I was reviewing for second periodical exams,...
NEWSFLASH: Justin Bieber is 51-years-old, not 16!

I am now tired of talking !@#$ about bieber. There are still millions of Bieber out there and they love him to death. There is no point in making this humors. As if, they'll quit fangirling beacause of this.
Don't get me wrong, I still hate JB & I will, forever.