Monday, January 31, 2011
Posted by: Roela
Time: 7:53 PM
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[x] I like at least one shade of pink
[ ] I don't like being messy
[ ] My belongings are organized
[ ] I don't like rock music
[ ] I like wearing accessories
[x] Bright colors amaze me [a good contrast/combination of bright colors amuse me. ]
[ ] I hate black
[ ] I go to the salon once a week
[ ] I comb my hair almost all the time
[x] I bring my phone with me everywhere (except school). [I bring it to school, yeah]
[ ] I like wearing baggy pants
[x] I play video games
[ ] I like Akon
[x] I like wearing jackets with hoods
[x] I'm too lazy to do chores
[x] I don't like shopping unless it's for me
[x] I would go bungee jumping
[ ] I like being sweaty
[ ] I'm a big fan of marvel heroes
[x] I always wear perfume/cologne [Though, I don’t really think wearing perfume everyday makes you boyish]

[x] I always carry a pen in my purse or pocket
[ ] I enjoy studying [I enjoy learning. STUDYING is torture]
[ ] I wear glasses
[ ] I'm a straight-A student [I used to be >.<]
[ ] I've never skipped any class in my whole life [I accidentally skipped a P.E class once]
[ ] I like my shirt tucked in
[ ] One of my favorite subject is science
[x] I like reading mystery books
[x] My assignments are passed up on time

[ ] I am crazy about the color black
[ ] I sit at the corner
[x] One side of my hair is covering one of my eyes. [yes, ‘cause I’m a mess]
[x] I like heavy metal rock music
[x] I have a lot of problems in my life
[x] I don't talk much
[x] I don't have that many friends [Al least, real friends]
[ ] I barely have fun
[x] I barely go out with my folks or friends

[x] I love to stare at the ceiling for ten minutes
[x] I sleep with a stuff toy/pillow
[x] I watch cartoons
[ ] I love to invent words only I understand
[ ] I sleep with a night light
[ ] My parents are the ones who choose my outfit
[ ] I'm scared of roller coasters
[x] I like being with my family relatives
[ ] I take bubble baths
[x] I like Spongebob [lol. Spongebob is watched by a lot of teenagers]

Sunday, January 9, 2011
Posted by: Roela
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Photocrappy, anyone?
Please visit my deviantArt account. I posted some photographs for our art project.
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