Tuesday, March 30, 2010
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Three Cheers for Me

for I just got older.

Damn, I have now spent 12 years of aimless living on Earth. And I can say that all the fuck I've been though made the "ME" you see right now. The "ME" who loves anime, bishouens, shounen, video games and other random stuffs. The "Me" who despise bitches and BOF fangirls. The "ME" who is exceptionally good at slacking off. The "ME" who needs more sleep. The "ME" who should really stop this now.

Two more damn cheers.

This time for graduating as the valedictorian. But I now lost interest in studying, I dont know if I'll still put that much effort next time. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
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He's all yours
A friend who gossips to you will eventually gossip about you.

So damn true, if you ask me.
I am seriously having BIG TIME problems with bitches right now. There are two bitches on class, one who's been stabbing me on the back since fifth grade, and another one who's been my friend since first grade.But I guess, she's ready to give up that darn friendship for I boy.

Let's just set the first bitch aside, don't even mind her and concentrate with the second one. So the second one is a suppose to be a relative of mine, and yes, she is a pain in my ass.

I've known her since we were six; She was my first friend in that school. Now that were in sixth grade, she seemed to have turned her back on me for a boy. I guess, she freakin' in love which such a useless guy.
Behind my back, she's been telling other girls what she thinks about me: I'm an attention seeker, and a I try to get her guy's attention, whenever he's around .

Well I do admit: Papansin at Pa-epal ako, But I am seriously not trying to get her guys attention. I simply have no interest with that guy she's crushing on like heck. Let me explain: I don't need any guy's attention at all. That guy your crushing on just gives me his attention, when i don't ask for it at all, well, I'm sorry if there is no more of his attention, left for you. I have been avoiding that guy since I knew about this, i dont want our friendship to end just like this. HE'S ALL YOURS, my friend.

DRAMA is something girls create out of JEALOUSY

;Someone backstabbed her too, that's how i got the info *winks*

Sunday, March 21, 2010
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I vow to resurrect you

R-chan is in dire need of new footwear, trousers, Shirts/blouses, facial expression, jackets/coats and Hairstyle, which serves as her life stone. Her room only consist of a door a window a bed and a chair . PS. if she dies, she wants to be cremated not to be turned into a stuffed animal like what happened to her pet gurem~ who died weeks ago.  

I seriously need more chibi-coins. I have been keeping gurem in my pocket for weeks now,she was suffocated, i guess I have nothing to feed her, i cant give her shampoo, nor soap, and I cant even lessen her stress. But forget about that, i cant even buy a life stone, so gurem~ is  officially dead. She will be resurrected once i find time to make money on tinierme again.

I vow to make time for my selfy and her pet~

Saturday, March 13, 2010
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I`m related to the "drummer". He`s my cousin.
Youtube star ka na dude. XD

Randomness~ haha. Too bad 'cause it only has 50 views right now. "WATCH OUT FOR OUR NEXT MUSIC VIDEO...SOON.." kinda scary. He`ll arrive tomorrow, and I`m sure it`ll be a cacophony, Nataon pa kasing kasabay ng laban ni pacquiao.

Buti na lang di natuloy ang pagdating nya galing Ilocos.

Friday, March 12, 2010
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Exams are finally over and the only thing I can think about now is having no classes, no lectures, no reviewing, no homeworks, no projects. NO MORE~.All the cramming finally paid off.

But we`ll still have practices, so It would still be hectic. *pouts*

The fact that I`m graduating and moving on to high school keeps me hyped. But actually, I haven`t decided where I should study. There`s a school where I really want to spend my high school life in, problem is, my dad wont let me. The thing thats keeping me from studying there is the fact that I wake up late and it need about an hour and a half to get there. But I`ll find a way..