Sunday, September 27, 2009
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Super Junior`s Sorry.Sorry is #1 on Channel V countdown

So at the start of the show I could hear sorry sorry
as the background music.But music but I didnt expect they would be #1
Coz You belong with me is AWESOME
But when Vj Dom announced:
#4 Already gone[kelly clarkson]
#3 I Got a feeling[black eye peas]
#2 You Belong with me
I screamed!!..Even I know mom is already sleeping.I just couldn`t stop myself!

When I got a feeling was being played
I danced and danced,after all there`s no one watching me.
I`ve been waiting for it to become number one!
But Taylor didn`t gave up her crown that fast.

I`m not really in to K-pop
but I just cant stop myself from dancing out when sorry sorry is being played.
While typing this I`m also watching their music video.

If You`re looking for the translation of the song,
I`ve already searched: click

If you dont know what song I`m blabbing here.
Here`s the video:

again:super junior suju icon avatar Pictures, Images and Photos Go SUPER JUNIOR

Saturday, September 26, 2009
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I`m having mental block and I dont know how to start this post.
My head has been aching a since thursday night. mother went to some place without informing me and then
my annoying brother keeps telling my to do this and that.
it irks me so much.I GOT THINGS TO DO TOo.

The pain lessen a bit uppon watching NARUTO the movie ninja clash in the land of the snow
anime is really my medicine:]
that movie was movie one.the first ever naruto movie.
That is also the only NARUTO movie with sasuke in it.[well.i think so]
cause Sasuke already left on movie 2.
I`ve just learn with that movie that Naruto has hidden powers of changing someones beliefs and bad`s like:Naruto`s hidden power no justsu
Naruto really does bring the spring on a winter wonderland.

but yesterdaty afternoon was freakin bad.
those guys from the other school came again.
and my classmates kepp teasing me again to that sh*t.
ugly person I dont even know.
BTW.last september 15th was kakashi-sensei`s b-day.
I`m the only one who celebrated.
So I will post in advance the b-days of some anime characters
celebrate with me!

so here::
October 8--Haruhi Suzumiya[suzummiya haruhi no yuutsu]
october 10--NARuto uzumaki[you where is he from:NARUTO]
october 11--Kyon[Suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu]
November 18--Yuki nagato[susumiya haruhi no yuutsu]
december 24 ryoma echizen[prince of tennis]
january 19-gaara[naruto]
March 28 -sakura haruno[naruto]

Saturday, September 19, 2009
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I hate this part
Annoying and over sarcastic persons.There are lots of those kind arround me.and they really get on my nerves.

I hate those who calls me in a guys name.The name of the guy being teased to me.
When they want to stop me from talking to much they say :Oy______ and ingay mo.
They mention a guy`s name instead of my name. It irks me everytime they do that.
I dont even like the guy teased to me.Even how hard I try to stop them, they wont stop.I try to ignore them,but they are so UBER.

I hate those BOF over addicted girls at school.One time I was talking to a slight anime-lover guy on school about Lelouch,a character from code geass.Then those girls came in on the talk. "kahit anong gawin mo cartoons lang siya hindi siya magkakatotoo".They said that on my face.It`s clear to me Lelouch is a fictional character and he would never come true.But there is nothing wrong being a fangirl, right? right?.And they started to talk about JUn pyo, blah blah.I think they forgot Lee min HOO was just playing a role,that all he does is in the script.we were just both fantasizing.DAmn

If just have the guts to say:"sobra na ang pang-aasar nyo.Sobra na ang pakekealam nyo sa buhay ko".I`ll say that on there face with a slap.Seriously I need less sarcastic,less-annoying persons arround me.For those who knows, thinks or believes i`m not always on the good mood.THANK YOU.

I love :pandora Hearts and Oz Bezarius

Saturday, September 12, 2009
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one week recording.

It`s an awesome rainy day.As all of our lessons was discussed,
the rain poured and it didn`t stop `till afternoon.
Last class time finnaly came, it was science class.
Our teacher was so usy ,so we spent the time just making noise on our classroom.

But we are perfectly setup to go automatically on silent mode in case a teacher comes in.When I got home, i changed my clothes, and rushed to the kitchen to get food.I opened the Tv and I was shocked O_o.Tomo got a new haircut and it sucked.[>_<] That Azumanga episode was funny as in ahahahaha.[>_<]


09-09-09.This day is special.OK.who are we kidding here?. It`s not so special for me.It`s the 40th day after the death of our former president ,CORAZON AQUIno.let`s pray for her soul to be in heaven.


PGMA went here on our town.I had a glimpse of her.She waved!!. sooooooo whaat??.Whats the big deal? Nonsense right?. but nonsense can also make sense.right?. right?


Time to green and stinky.We planted squash and peechay for hele class. It was fun and stinky.My shoes got so dirty.I hate it when I have to touch stinky things.

Sunday, September 6, 2009
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:] or :[
so here I am again.making a random post.
I`m smiling[>_<].but I`m not that happy. so I`m the top 1 on 1st grading period. BUT we have a ceiling grade of 85 for first quarter.
SO that makes my average grade 84.6 *gets dissapointed*

who would be happy with that??.*gets annoyed*

damn.ceiling grade sucks [>_<]

the only thing that makes me happy now is: My tekken 6 victories. oh.yeah.Moment of victory I love it

and finnaly good news for me.tekken 6 on PSP will be out on October 2009.

do you know your blood type.?
well, i know mine know.

I`m an O type.[>_<]

i got nothing more to say

again.ceiling grades sucks[>_<]