Sunday, July 26, 2009
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we didn`t won for cookfest!..

yeheey!consolation prize![sarcastic tune]


i hate it!.

well better luck next time!.

but all of us who participated[all the girls]

thinks that were winners ..

and why??.

ow..we saw cute guys there!..

we call the cutest!::DOC ANIME

why doc anime??..he was wearing a doctor`s costume!.

and everyone noticed that he looked like an anime guy!?.[I`m the first who noticed]

but there`s a guy that only me. myself saw:

i think he`s better!:tall..mestiso..haaahh!

[but they are in different schools!..]


anime reviews:::

currently enjoying shakugan no shana!


back of interpreter of condolence dont kill YUJI

or else I`ll kill you!

Friday, July 17, 2009
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i succesfully changed my blog skin!..

i didn`t know what to do with it last time??..


we suppose to have lots of quiz this day!..

but there was a storm here so they cancelled classes!!..

good thing coz..i didn`t reviewed well..haha..xd

I have also found the ozine site finnaly!:

here is it::

now i can get updated about the latest issues!!..


anime updates::

finnaly finished watching toradora!..

i watched it on the net!!..

coz tv5 was repeating episodes over and over again!..

The Melancholy of haruhi suzumiya was great too!!Ilove it..

tv5 is also airing Shakugan no Shana2 just keeps.

getting better and better!!

Yamato Nadeshiko is pretty good too..

Sunako is really scary!!..


o sya..till next time

Saturday, July 11, 2009
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hello blog!!..

I`ve been busy this days i cant write here ..

anyways ..P.E class yesterday was tiring..but 


we did pushups!!..haha..good thing i survived..hehe..xdd

i just thought that if we do that every week I`m gonna loose fat!!..

which is good..!!..haha..i hope so!!

anyways!..It`s july!! the NUtrition month..

for the competitions on our town..

I`m gonna join for cookfest!..

I`ll try to join for oration too..

eliminations on monday!!..

I have memorize the piece!1..


anime updates!!

haruhi suzumiya will be aired on my anime channel next week!!

but they replayed or repeated some of the toradora episodes again!..which made me angry!..

so I`ved decided to just watch it on the net!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009
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yes!! yes!!!..yes!!..

i WON!!..

so I`m the new SPG president!!  yipee!!..

naaahhh???..i thought i was gonna lose..

so i didnt wait for the counting to get done!!..

 i just received the news from text!!???>.

i was really surprised!!..

it`s a really close fight!!..

i won in just 1 point!!..


so we cant seem to settle the thing for our LOGo 

and for our t-shirt too!???

and all the elected senators are so 


[ohhh??..please help!!??]


anime updates::

[im gonna have this for every blogpost]

so kitamura -kun

changed the color of his hair to yellow!!..

thats all because of the syudent council president!!..

taiga was really hurted upon knowing that kitamura like 

the student council president!!