Saturday, February 18, 2012
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The Hunger Games

This post is a short review about The Hunger Games Trilogy by Susan Collins. These are my opinions about the book series and I hope you could respect that. Why hate, k?

The series is quite matured compared to the books I've read before. It has complicated plot and I admit I am still not used to those kinds. I liked the twists a lot. Katniss volunteering as tribute for the hunger games, the star-crossed lovers method for winning sponsors, the communication without words between Haymitch and Katniss, Rue's death, the mutts, act with the berries, the sudden change of District 12 Peacekeepers, The Avoxs, Capitol food, Uprisings, Cinna and Prim's death, Finnick, Johana Mason, PEETA <3 and The war - they were priceless. I was really not expecting that they would draw tributes from the victors for the Quarter Quell and that is my favorite twist.

No work of art is truly perfect - but I do think the imperfection contribute to the overall beauty of this piece of literature. Well, maybe it's just me and unexplained negative thoughts towards romance and anything cheesy applied to the books I read but somehow the romance between Peeta, Katniss and Gale became a little out of place during the games and the war. I mean hey, we might be dead tomorrow and hey, there's war going on, is this really the time? I sounded like Harry Potter. I really didn't like the kisses. Sure, it was ok with me during the first few but when they started kissing 234567098765432 times a day, I was getting a bit like "And they kiss again" - it became predictable.

I had no problem with GaleXKatniss nor PeetaXKatniss. But if would choose between the two ships I would go for PeetaKatniss just because I think best friends should just be best friends and Gale and Katniss are better that way. But this isn't team Edward or Team Jacob anyway so nevermind.

The element of the book which I can relate to?? Katniss's doubts and her problems in explaining and voicing out her feelings. I have been through a lot of that and that is why I loved Katniss. She kind of made me feel that I'm not a lone. What did I learn? There is no such thing as a completely happy life. There will always be sadness, hardships, doubts and surviving this would make life, itself worthwhile. Though I was a little disappointed with the ending and went HUH? WAIT WHAT HAPPENED a few times on the concluding book, overall it was a book worthy of the love of millions.