Thursday, November 4, 2010
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One Hundred.

I just read an article on Total Girl Philippines' November issue. It's about Pia Magalona (The wife of the late Francis Magalona). It's probably the first TG article that left an impact to the-not-girly-but-still-buys-TGMag me. Upon reading the quote above, I realized something: That I have been living with only the thought of the past and the present in mind & I haven't thought of a future. && That I have been continuously moving forward without knowing where I'm heading to (to a good life, a bad life, a gloomy future or what). Maybe that's the reason why I haven't been getting any big successes in life and Maybe it's because I only have motivation and have no inspiration at all. Yes, I do think motivations and inspiration are two different things. The article made me comprehend that I should let go of the past , start living the present with optimism and start thinking about what's ahead of me. Inspiration would probably hit me at the right time, deshou?

You might think I'm just over reacting over this stuff but heck no. When I start talking to myself I begin to realize stuffs. I would start doing the things I said in this blogpost now.

Note: This post should be taken seriously 'cause this time I guarantee it doesn't contain a single bit of sarcasm. This is my 100th blogpost and I vow to keep this blog alive until this life ends, so when I get older I'll be reading all the craps I've done, all the misfortunes I had, all the persons I despised. And yea, I do have a life

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
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Hello, November.
Six days before sembreak ends and I haven't done a thing. I have been wasting my time hardcore reblogging on tumblr, watching anime, viewing pictures of random people on facebook, and giving advices to whore.

I totally forgot that I still have an exam on Physical Education and a practicum for Music. I've been practicing my violin but I get graded for playing the guitar and I haven't been practicing it. But good thing I don't forget chords easily.

I expect a lower ranking for second grading. I admit I didn't do my best during the exams & i haven't been reciting. I can't bring myself to like science and my science teacher this year. Her class is the most boring class ever, I'll consider it as nap time. She even told my father that i don't recite in her class & that's the reason why i got 86 on her subject. Well, she didn't lie to my father anyway. As for Algebra, I think I've done better with my quizzes & exams. Recitation? Forget it! As for Social Studies, I did well with recitations and I'm satisfied with my quizzes, but I'm still nervous with the exam results. I wasn't able to review two lessons and a lot of questions in our our exam was from those lessons. Talk about Misfortune. Art? you can't blame if I learn nothing this year. I mean, with a teacher like that. He has more absents that presents, mind you.

I promise to do better next semester.

Now, If anyone from our school reads this, I'll be doomed. I have schoolmates on tumblr and I feel like my paradise has been invaded. Sooner or later I'll be quiting tumblr. Good thing no one I know in real life knows this blog exist. I feel free here.

But come what may. I'm open minded about the fact that November is an unlucky month for me.