Saturday, November 28, 2009
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What a Day.
November 27, neeeh?? \w/
It was a tiring day.There were Three events.
Press Conference/Campus Journalism last day,card Day, SM Rosales re-opening

I just came fresh from a Divisional Press-conference.
Let me tell you, I did have fun.But, it does sucks by a bit.

But hey, my memories there was fun.We met -guys-,TBH -one guy- from another school and if you checked out my twitter site you`ll see I`ve tweeted 'bout him there.
He`s boastful and I just cant stand his guts.He tries to be "cool" at all times.My classmates/schoolmates asked his schoolmates and they said that no one could stand him too.That means he`s just as mean as I thought. \w/ But, well, my girl-classmates, more like my girlfriends, has crush on him (To be honest,I`m not exemted, yes me too)He does looks nice. 

and so after the awarding, we went straight back to school,
But my classmates weren't there, 'cause it`s already dismissals.

It was card day so I ran, I climbed first floor to second floor('cause I cant go to third floor without passing 1st and 2nd floor, right \w/) I went inside our room, our teach was there, and so I asked "cher, pumunta na ba si mama ko dito" and she answered yes.She also told me that "my lowest grade on my subject GMRC" I can understand, I do admit I`m noisy in class.But I`m still first honor.lulz.

and then after, I begged mom to go to the re-opening of Sm Rosales.
(incase you dont know it got strucked by the flood.)
She did agree, so we went there.I`m not quite surprised when I saw about Hundreds of persons there, I also spotted some guys from the press conference.MY class amtes where there too.

And so we walked around and around,
I noticed that Circiut City and Time zone was not open.I bought two key chains one:chibified-Naruto and Chibified-Sasuke.We went there at about 1 noon and got home about 9pm.Because we waited for the fireworks and it was, one word: spectacular!

so, I think that was Enough said.
It was really a fun but tiring day \w/

Saturday, November 21, 2009
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Orianthi Panagaris
Sice my brother was hugging the PSP(which is suppose to be mine)
I decided just o watch the tv.
I tuned in to V channel.
I was right in time for V plug.

They were playing this song tittled: According to You by Orianthi Panagaris
It goes by the lyrics: According to you: I`m stupid, I`m useless, I cant do anything right. bleh
I`ve just started to like it.
I dont really care if Orianthi has played for MJ or any artist.
I just love her music, I love the she rocks.
I also found her beautiful, in many parts of the vid.

Dont you know who Orianthi Panagaris is?
Haven`t heard:According to YOU
Sheeesh, here listen:

Friday, November 20, 2009
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I found A freakin' useful site
So I was Just Lurking around cyberspace(as usual)
When I bumped into some`s blog.
I dont really remember who`s blog that is.
When I scrolled down, I clicked the resources on the credits.
.and it lead me to this site: DollieCrave

I know, the site`s tittle is so girly.
(That annoyed me too.)
But, When I clicked word icons and photography Icons.
I realized it wasn`t that girly after all.

And I noticed some of TG board members' avatars there.
Now, this post seems like advertising.
To avoid it from getting worst.
I`m not gonna make this long
(since it nonsense after all.)

Word Icons Word Icons Word Icons Word Icons Word Icons  Word Icons Word Icons Word Icons Word Icons Word Icons Word Icons

Yes!, There`s really lot`s of good stuffs there.
The above are my favorites.
Oh sheeesh.I wish I could make those things.

Those thing just bring out the little words written on it.
(you got my point??.)

I made graphics too: but there really not good, here:

Friday, November 13, 2009
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They call this thing anime suvey.
Favorite Anime: Pandora Hearts Shakugan No Shana(and  Death note)

Disliked Anime: Fuushigi Yuugi (it`s so cheesy that it pisses me off)

Favorite anime boy: Break-kuun(pandora) and Idol-senpai (Vampire knight)

Favorite anime girl: C.C (code geass) Rima Touya (Vampire Knight)

Favorite anime song: Hishouko no sora or something like that (Shakugan No shana) and Raspberry-heavens (Azumanga daioh)

Favorite weapon: Frau`s scythe (07-ghost)

Anime name you like to go by: Aisaka('cause I`d like to be nicknamed "palmtop tiger"

Character you feel sympathy for: Teito Klein (07-ghost)

Character that acts like you: Haruhi Suzumiya (but I dont drag classmates to clubrooms)and Alice-chan (pandora hearts) (thought I prefer: I act like her)

Character that looks like you: uhm, Temari (Naruto) or I think

Character that would make a good brother: Idol-senpai(Vampire knight), and Raven (pandora hearts)

Character that would make a good sister: Minori (Toradora)

Character that would make a good father: Lord oscar(pandora hearts)

Character that would make a good mother: uhm, Sakura Haruno (though she`s too young)

If you could be a anime chara who would it be? Sharon Reinsworth (pandora hearts)

Character you wish to kill: Ayanami-tan (07-ghost) Kaname (Vampire Knight)

Which language would you speak in: Japanese

Where would you live: Japan (Lelouch`s time, where nightmares rule)

Favorite Mini Chi character:
Favorite anime toy character:none

Sum up one personalility word for yourself: INSANE

Favorite evil anime character: Sasori-sama,

Collect Anime posters(y/n):Y

Collect anime CD's(y/n)


Collect anime toys(y/n):Y

What do you like(Slapstick/Comedy, Science Fiction , Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure , Giant Mecha ,Swords and Samurai , Cute and Cuddly , Historical , Anime based on Video Games ) Choose one or two: none of the above, I prefer : m-m-mystery

indicate if you prefer lots of blood and violence or not(y/n):Y hell , Yes!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009
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soo..I was just lurking around,
when I happened to drop by a thread with a tittle: paramore Vs green Day.
I scrolled down and saw this on one of a member`s siganture,
I showed it to everyone on the house and their reaction LMAO

and yeah I transfered to k-zone boards 'cause Tg became a bit [or a lot actually] RETARDED.

Monday, November 2, 2009
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rate these::
Rate These:





I made all of those..
if you think my edits are ugly..
or if you think it sucks,just tell me, I wont be angry, and I wont eat you.
just tell me so I can Improve my skills that sucks:]