Saturday, October 31, 2009
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happy birthday L-sama

October 31 is L lawliet/ryuzaki's...*list other more nicknames* birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY L-SAMA

I only know one way to make to this great detective happy:
send him sweets, babeh

..and Happy halloween you guys!!.
always bring extra undies incase you pee in your pants.

Saturday, October 24, 2009
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I is annoyed.
I am annoyed by couple of things right now.
let`s start.

First. I am annoyed by school activities posponal.
Right now the scholl activity was sopose to be camping.
A chance to leave our homes.[>__<] But since it flooded for days,it was posponed. Our zonal meet got posponed too. That just means there`s more practice and I hate that. I`m gonna keep seing those members of the basketball team. yeah.Second, the basketball team of our school. Most of the members are my classmates. ..and there so boastful, like: "ohh..wala mas magaling ako sayo" bleh,bleh, bleh.
and why I hate them so much,They got practice everyday and they wont have to clean the room even if they are the scheduled cleaners.
That means where going to clean it.
I`ve just started to hate sweaty jocks!!.

Third, The most annoying of all the annoying.
Girls in school who totally wants to start flirting.
..they are the same girls who insulted my dear Lelouch.
Now, they are not fantazing with lee min ho or Kim bum.
There crushing on a guy in 4th year high school.
yes!, they forgot there still on sixth grade. there are five girls on class plus me then it`s six.
4 of them are crushing on that guy.Yes that doesnt includes me.
I`m loyal to my bishies.*gets slapped to death for being a fangirl,.*
Annoying Flirts!

Bayanihan.No this is not part of the things I hate.This is the thing that we often see right now.Because of the recent flood.
This is a good character trait of all FIlipinos.
It`s not to late to give donations.No amount is to small nor big: just look at the damage on Rosales[my hometown]

Thursday, October 22, 2009
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we missed there b-days
We or I missed a lot of anime characters b-day,

actually only two.
we should greet this them now!!

Naruto- october 10
we forgot to eat Ramen!!Our place was still flooded on his birthday,I didn`t remember his day!!BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY! perverted ramen-loveer.

Kyon- October 11
Haruhi forgot to drag him on the SOS brigade room.

No! Haruhi doesn`t really care.Well HAPPY B-DAY.


mood:on for nonsense writing.
listening to:Ignorance by Paramore

Saturday, October 17, 2009
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she`s doomed!!
Incase, you have been living with the penguins in Antartica,then you should know now that the Philippines is suffering from mother nature`s payback. after the dreadful flood on parts of NCR,Pangasinan has suffered beacause of bagyong Pepeng and the continous release of water from San Roque dam.Our town Rosales was one of the towns who suffered a lot.

..since there was no electricity,I`ve been taking notes of what`s happening.And I`ve decided to compile them on this post.

early 10-08-09 they already anounced that the san roque dam will realease water.I woke up late, so I didn`t hear the announcement myself.My 'rents were getting ready but I didn`t believed them,I just went on the computer table and lurked around cyberspace not aware that the news was true.

10-09-09 at about 2am. I woke up and my sleepy eyes suddenly grew big,our was already flooded although[i think] it was just low.but after a few hours the water has risen a bit.

10-10-09 I finnaly had the chance to get out of the comfort zone and get the taste of what`s it like walking on flood water.The water already subsided for a bit.

10-12-09 .WE went to carmen and tomana.Inacase you haven`t seen i on Tv then one word:aweful.Yes!It looked like a ghosttown,but it looked soo progresive before the tragedy happened.

10-14-09 .We [or at least my mom] received a call from my aunt on Ilocos said that she watched the news and they reported that the damn dam oh. I mean San Roque dam will release water again.And someone said that"kahit anong sabihin nila magpapakawala kami" or something like that.

10-15-09 .we are expecting a-nother flood but thanks God .It didn`t happened.

10-16-09 Lights are back .whoooho!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009
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suzumiya haruhi`s b-day

it`s  10-08-09 here ignore the date above^^^

It`s Suzumiya Haruhi`s birthday!!.

she gave a warning: make her happy and send her gifts
or else she`ll :destroy earth!!.

everybody know`s I`m kidding, well if you beleived in me your a dumb and a loser

It`s raining hard here!
why the heck does "bagyong Pepeng" have to come back.
I feel like i have been living under a rock,coz
i dont even know what storm signal are we in??.or what typhoon is hitting our place?.
I just edit pics and watch anime.that may be the why I dont know anything 'bout what`s happening on earth:

just a sample of what Ive been doing these days!.
I made it last night,we have no classes so I decided to make something worth doing!
just took, i guess 10 minutes to make that on paintshop pro!.

Sunday, October 4, 2009
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Roela the fangirl the otaku
Fangirl - a female fan, obsessed with something (or someone) to a frightening or sickening degree. Often considered ditzy, annoying and shallow.

Imma fan of:

Taylor Swift Avatar Demi Lovato Avatar Miley icons ashley icons Aya Hirano avatar Pictures, Images and Photos haley williams Pictures, Images and Photos

1.)Taylor swift she`s the most awesome singer for this generation.for me.who doesn't agree??.check out her songs she rock!
I love:YOU belong with me.Love Story and teardrops on my guitar.again Tay rocks!

2.)Demi LOvato I first saw her on Camp Rock.After watching that awesome movie I got so addicted on her i filled my PSP`s Mp3 with her songs.Then she got my fangirl heart again when she played as Rosalinda maria montoya fiore on PPP.And Again she got me with here we go again!

3.)Miley Cyrus The first song of her listened: 7 things i loved that song back then.coz,I can somehow relate.
But I cant relate to her songs now.SRsly I`m loosing track of her.What`s the new album of her.OMG!somebody tell me!!.

4.)Ashley Tisdale.She introduced me to the world of beautiful disney girls.When I was 9, i was kinda immitating her,all her sassy stuffs.I kinda mutated to something fabulus!!Then when i was about to enter the world of rocking songs she shocked me again with her song:It`s alright it`s Ok.Then her appearance on LOVE DRUNK.

5.) Aya hirano.I wouldn`t have met her without the o-vault first issue.
She is the voice behind:SUZUMIYA haruhi and misa amane.some of my fave anime characters.

6.)Hayley williams.I`m not really a fan of rock and blah blah LOUd music but I was dazzled when i saw her playing with the light bulb on the music video of ignorance,a song from there new album brand new eyes!!.

Otaku is extremely negative in meaning as it is used to refer to someone who stays at home all the time and doesn't have a life (no social life, no love life, etc)

Usually an otaku person has nothing better to do with their life so they pass the time by watching anime, playing videogames, surfing the internet (otaku is also used to refer to a nerd/hacker/programmer).

Imma a fangirl of:I LOve:
Oz Bezarius Pictures, Images and Photos Sasuke Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos Cool Lelouch Avatar Pictures, Images and Photos Shiki_chill_out Pictures, Images and Photos Edward Elric Pictures, Images and Photos Zero Kiryu Pictures, Images and Photos

if some anti-anime reads this i bet she`s gonna say:they are just a bunch of fictional characters .quit dreaming about them" Well I`m not!.I`m a proud fangirl of those "fictional characters".
bye bye now!!..dont worry I`ll go glomp them for you!!..sugoi!.there he is.*glomps*